Gearing Up

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Travel
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My thinking was to create a travel blog to keep a sort of journal of our adventures.  I’m at the age now where if I don’t write stuff down, it never happened (according to my addled brain).

I was halfway hoping that beginning a new blog would be easy-peasy.  I mean, it’s not like I haven’t blogged before.  It’s just that I haven’t blogged here before.  As with anything, I suppose, it’ll take me a while to get the hang of it.

Anyhoo, enough about my problems – this is supposed to be our travel blog, so, on that note, I’ll begin at the beginning.

Some time ago (years, as opposed to hours or days), Bob got into his head that he wanted to buy a trailer and go road-trippin’.  He began by buying RV magazines and squirreling them away in clandestine places.  He did this squirreling because when he first mentioned this trailer notion to me, I laughed manically and said something along the lines of, “Over my dead and decomposing body.”  Bob has learned that when I say things of this nature, it’s best not to go any further with the conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel.  I just prefer to get on a plane, fly somewhere, check into a nice hotel/resort/cruise ship and let the magic happen.  For some reason, spending days and days (and days) cooped up in a vehicle, dragging a trailer all over hell’s half-acre, and (ugh) camping (which, as we all know, involves things like bugs and dirt), just doesn’t appeal to me.  Especially when I could be flaked out on a beach somewhere with a Cabana-boy named Raoul or Miguel bringing me fruity rum drinks.

Long story short, ole Bob finally wore me down and last October we picked out and ordered our first trailer.  Somewhere between then and now, our first trailer became our second trailer before we’d even taken delivery of the first one.  I’m still mystified as to how that happened.  Apparently the second trailer is much better than the first one, so instead of buying a crappy one and then up-grading in a couple of years, we’re sort of skipping over that bit and going straight to the trailer of Bob’s dreams.  That’s a picture of it up there.  I photo-shopped that halo around it cuz that’s how Bob thinks of his new baby.  I’m pretty sure he can hear choirs of angels singing, too, when he looks at it.

Are we happy about this?  Well, I’m happy that Bob is happy, if that makes any sense.  And, who knows, it might just be a blast.

We’ll be leaving on our first adventure this coming Friday (April 20th).

As brand new RVers, we had planned to do a “practice camping trip” last weekend to get the hang of it before The Big One, but when we got to the campsite, we found that the trailer was missing a window.  We both remember the windows being all present and accounted for when we left home, but, after two and a half hours of towing, we were missing one.  Sooo we two-and-a-half-houred right back home again.  (That’s FIVE hours of driving if you’re a slacker mathematician like I tend to be.)  (Five hours and two tanks of gas…for nuffin’.)  It was immensely disappointing, to say the least.

The window has since been repaired, but we’ve run out of time to have a practice run, so we’ll be hitting the road cold turkey…or whole hog…or…  There’s gotta be a good animal-related cliche for this…  It eludes me at the moment.  Maybe “balls to the wall” is the expression I’m looking for.  It works as well as any.  No animals in it, though.  Sigh.

We’re down to five more sleeps before we leave.  I’m just praying that I don’t forget anything vital or that we don’t get sucked up in a tornado along the way.  Why would I fret about such a thing?  Pfft!  It’s a well-known fact that trailers are tornado magnets.  Don’t get me started…

  1. DouglasMB says:

    Just watch out for the BIRD CANNONS!

  2. I have visions of covered wagons, hostiles and bone cluttered parries. Does the trailer have an outhouse?

  3. evetspordlaw says:

    Oh god! Look out world here she comes! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  4. JOANNE BORDEN says:

    Safe travels and may your stories all be good ones!

  5. Reclussive says:

    Okay I finally, finally…made if over here…..I will be perusing these and will try not to be a pest..who am I kidding, I think pest was stamped on my birth certificate. It’s a long story but I am told the doctor insisted. Anyway, sorry I didn’t happen by with a comment sooner…..I think I was just waiting for your return and thinking this may be one of those things…however, in feeling your absence more prevalent lately…I made the leap over….I plopped in my email and what did I learn? I got some kind of account here I forgot about…Reclussive or some sort of nonsense….Anyway, yea, I’m late so sue me or whatever it is you hosers do over there in moose country…figured out who I am yet? Well, if you haven’t then aren’t you just a bloody wanker? And if you still don’t know who I am then I take back what I said about your marmalade and you in the kitchen…Bah! Bootlady indeed! Okay now this is ripe with enough of my speak for you to know it’s me…:P…..sucked up in a tornado eh? Now that would make a good travel blog…:)

  6. Reclussive says:

    And if you still haven’t figured it out…then I’m revoking your hood card…

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