A Clue

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Travel
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A Clue

Here’s a clue that it might be time to contact Weight Watchers!

  1. reclussive says:

    I looked at when the last time I was here. It was a month ago. Honestly I feel like putting my head in the sand. That just sucks. I am not going to insult you by offering up any excuses. And if you want to ping me and say the only reason I am here is because thoughts is down today, well, I’ll take my medicine. But honestly, I JUST saw your email from like two months ago..and I was like, frak me man, just frak me….

    anyway, I will try not to let so much time pass….darnit, I wish I had like something good like, I was in an accident, or had an operation, or even that I was in a pit of despair or something…wait! the fast thing! Yes, um..I was fasting? Like Lent remember? Oh man, I can feel that lightening breathing down my neck. I’m gonna get struck in a minute. This is the second time I am apologizing for not making it around here. Man, I just suck. I am going to find some sand to bury my head in.

    In the meantime…you can think up all kinds of inventive punishments….

    frikkin pic is hilarious by the way

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