Day 4

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Travel
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Oh, I know I never quite got around to telling you about Day 3.  And I know I said I would.  Okay, fine.  Here goes:  We drove and drove and drove.  We drove past where the Bridges of Madison County are, but didn’t see them.  We drove past Ronald Regan’s birthplace but didn’t see it.  We drove past John Wayne’s birthplace too and (you guessed it) we didn’t see that either.  Then we drove past Wild Bill’s Ranch and… yep, didn’t see it.  So, that was pretty much Day 3.

Day 4, however, was much more interesting.  You know when someone tells you that they’re in the middle of nowhere?  Well, we were there, too, yesterday.  This is what it looks like:

And, here is the scenic version:

There are more pictures but I don’t really see any point in making you suffer as I have 😛

Allow me to skip to the good bits.

We’re now in the most beautiful campsite I’ve ever seen (there have been, um, well, 3 others before this one).  It’s somewhere around Colorado Springs, Colorado, and even the few photogs we’ve taken of it don’t do it justice.

Since we’ve arrived here, we’ve mostly just sat around grinning.  We built our first campfire (it’s finally warm enough to play outside – gonna be 82 today!)  and cooked some weenies for dinner.  We felt like little kids waving our weenie sticks around.  Other than the exploding mustard bottle incident, it was an awesome meal.

Oh, I forgot to tell you:  When we arrived and registered, there was this big sign in the window of the campground office:

I love that last line about reporting sightings immediately…cuz…the screaming wouldn’t give that away….  *eyeroll*

After our big weenie-fest, I wandered off with my camera in search of a bird I’d seen earlier.  Instead, I blundered into a HUGE (about 20-strong) herd of Mule Deer:

Obviously, this isn’t all 20 of them, but it was just so mind-blowing to be standing a mere few feet from these guys.  Sometimes they looked up at me, but mostly they just ignored me.

There’s always a clown in every bunch, and this bunch was no exception.  This deer started mugging for my camera.  I’m pretty sure this is an attempt at an Elvis impression:

Those’re some battle scars, huh?  I think this one must have had a close encounter with one of those there mountain lions.  I wonder if she remembered to report it immediately?  Hmm…

  1. I really like the pictures of those deer. But what is a weenie??

  2. evetspordlaw says:

    Just like you to see a huge sign about MOUNTAIN LIONS then go galivanting off to take pictures! *eye roll*…

  3. You have just got to bring home one of those “forest kittens”.

  4. nomaddness says:

    Check yer mailbox!! 🙂

  5. Elaine White says:

    I have also been to the middle of nowhere but it was Texas! It is nice to know that the middle of nowhere looks the same all over the country! LOL

  6. JOANNE BORDEN says:

    All I can say is……’re a better woman than I am. I’m more the “let’s go hang out at the Tiki bar” kinda gal.

  7. reclussive says:

    Yep, if i was a’picturin the middle of nowhere, those two you got up there would have been what I thought. Oh, joy, must have been a blast.(just so you know, I am still in head in the sand mode) Okay, weenie roast and exploding mustard…not bad…don’t suppose there was any gas? You know, mustard gas? Look, you try this with your head in the friggin sand huh?! Love the deer, just love em. Don’t go a spreadin this but I am kind of a nature guy. In my other life I think I was a woodsman. For some reason I believe Davey Crockett is in my bloodline. haven’t done research to confirm it though.

    mountain lion sign:
    first, that must have just tickled your coddles to see it. (and if you figure out what coddles are please let me know)
    second: “If you are attacked by a lion, don’t run–fight back! Don’t quit!”

    As opposed to freaking what! Laying down and garnishing yourself in seasonings, maybe a little exploding mustard, and holding a napkin in your hand for him to wipe your blood on? Really?! They had to write that?! the don’t run thing I get. even the report it right away thing I can understand, like if you see him off in the distance…..wait a minute, what am I talking about? I am sitting here with my head in the sand, and if my head is in the sand then my rear is in the air…man, I’m just serving myself up on a platter. Hey! What was that noise! Um, boots, I have to go….and I mean like now!

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