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Finally!  A half-assed internet connection!!  For the past, um… bunch of days we’ve had either diddly-squat or little intermittent bursts of ‘netness.  I also have this fargin’ punter of a laptop that hums away for a bit and then says, “Right, screw this!  I’m tired and it’s time for my nap.  Blonk!”  Dead as a Grand Canyon swan-diver.

Enough about my problems.  Let me tell you where we’ve been!

The day after the Grand Canyon, we went to a place called Sedona.  Sedona was once just a beautiful little town nestled amid stuff like this:

These days, though, Sedona is pretty much just an artsy-fartsy tourist trap with bunches of gift shops and not a whole lot else.  Still, it’s a gorgeous setting, and there are some interesting things to see.  Like this really cool church (the name of which escapes me at the moment but I’m sure the words “church” and “rock” are in there somewhere):

As for the gift shops, well, you can buy anything from Navajo blankies to El Cheapo made-in-china widgets and whatnots, or cool stuff like this:

(This photog by Shari)

After Bob had had enough of shopping (that only took about seven minutes), we went to see a really amazing cliff dwelling called Montezuma’s Castle (which has nothing to do with either Montezuma or castles):

Bob could spout the history of this amazing place, but he’s wandered off right now.  If he comes back, I’ll ask him, k?

After Montezuma’s Castle, we headed off to a little town called Jerome.  Jerome was, at one time, the site of prosperous gold and copper mines and is now just another artsy-fartsy spot, notable because it’s perched on the side of a pretty steep hill.  None of us thought to get pictures of its perchedness…  Yeah, I know… sigh…  I did have some fun taking pictures of people taking pictures, though:

That’s Bob taking a picture of me in the last one.  Okay, okay…. it’s not really us.  I have a fertile imagination…  🙂

  1. DouglasMB says:

    awesome pics… and i really thought that last pic was you and Bob 😉

  2. Elaine White says:

    I have been to Jerome or as we called it Billy Goat city! Popular biker hangout in the summer. You sure don’t want to get drunk in that town and start stumbling around, it is a long fall! LOL

    • nomaddness says:

      Indeed it was wall to wall bikers! I think that’s why we didn’t take many photogs. The two I got were paparazzi-style. A quickie under-the-arm click and some running 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    Dead as a Grand Canyon swan-diver….? Must be the heat.

    Loved the pics of the “Montezuma’s Castle Motel”….cheap rates, I guess.

    Hope you are having a blast and I think of you guys every day…….that now includes that last picture too.

  4. E says:

    The wild life definately makes it worth the viewing! ;-P

  5. JOANNE BORDEN says:

    Girl, you are WAY better looking than that over-tanned, pink-bandana’ed, leathered boob job! I’ve been to Sedona and it is a gorgeous place to see. Those southwest colors are so inviting.

  6. sheokhanda says:

    I have seen a documentary about it on Discovery that native Americans use to live there in those caves and they were some special tribe people..

    • nomaddness says:

      I was amazed by the structure of the place. It surely took a people with more fortitude than I have to build something like that. I wish I’d seen that documentary – it must have been interesting.

  7. reclussive says:

    digging the pics of course. and is that what happened? did the guy actually take a header in the canyon? Well, good thing for Bob I guess. (see last message) And as for the last pic, I am sure when Bob looks at you, the woman in there is exactly how he sees you. No doubt in my mind 🙂 🙂

  8. reclussive says:

    Wait, I thought about this a second time. If he is seeing the woman in the pic when he looks at you, then isn’t that like, mind cheating or something? I mean you want him to see you when he looks at you right? I intended that other comment as a compliment, but now I see I am just sewing the seeds of marital discord. And now that we are on the subject, who else is he seeing when he looks at you? hmmmm…wait, it just came to me, Bob isn’t the villain yet, until you come clean with who you see when you look at him. Certainly not the guy in the picture. Yea, probably some hoser you think looks good. Again, does Bob know? Yea, you’re right, probably better if you don’t tell him that either.

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