Route 66

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Photography, RV, Travel
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I’m still playing catch-up here, so without further ado, I give you…(cue “ta-dah” sound effect)…Day 10:

Way back, during the planning stages of this trip, the three of us had a big yack about stuff that we really wanted to do and see.  For me, although I’d been to see the Grand Canyon before, I wanted to go back because of my secret dream/bucket-list thing about seeing California Condors.  Well, we all know how that one worked out, and yes, I’m still grinning about it.  One of the things that both Bob and Shari wanted to do was drive some of Route 66.

“Route 66?” said I.  “Wasn’t that just a dorky TV show way back in the old days?”  I received a world class eye roll in reply to my query.  You’d be shocked to learn how often that happens to me.

Even when the whole oooo-aaaahhhh Route 66 thing was explained to me, I still glazed over and wanted to know if there would be gift shops.  Apparently, I “didn’t get it.”  Apparently, I still don’t.  But, we accomplished the mission anyway, regardless of my melodramatic yawns and snide remarks.  The following photogs are not mine this time.  I was too busy yawning to shoot operate a camera.  So today’s episode is presented for your viewing (*yawn*) pleasure, by Bob and Shari.  Except for the map – I punked that off of the internet (I don’t remember where so obviously no image credits will be forthcoming – if I get nabbed I’m gonna lie my ass of and deny everything like I always do when I steal stuff).

This we found in a museum of all places!!  If you’re an old fart like me, you won’t find that very funny:

Okay, that’s enough.  I’m yawning again.  (Please don’t tell Bob and Shari I said that.)

  1. At least its not as hot this time of year, that’d be a blistering trip come August 🙂

  2. From the look of those old cars, that town must really be in an economic slump.

  3. Picture Pia says:

    Nice photos and looks like you guys had a nice trip. Seems like we did the same one…so we might have crossed paths 🙂 Or at least almost may be… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. DouglasMB says:

    why am i not suprised you get eye rolls? lol

  5. reclussive says:

    I haven’t forgotten. I guess I am taking this trip with you at my own pace. Will be around. Hope you are good.

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