Life in a Tin Can

Posted: May 16, 2012 in RV, Travel
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Now that our maiden voyage has come to an end, the time has come to reflect.  Perhaps “reflect” isn’t the right word.  “Whine” is for whiners, so let’s go with “bitch” instead, shall we?

The first thing I’d like to bitch about is this:  What manner of demented trailer designer came up with the idea that trailer bathrooms should require forceps for insertion and extraction?  Seriously?  Point me at him and I’ll gleefully pummel him senseless (or her…I’m an equal opportunity pummeller).

Something I’d never noticed before is that my home washroom requires that five steps be taken before arrival at the, um…place where you sit down.  I’m just noticing this now because every time I partake of these steps, I experience a feeling of gratitude.  It’s just something I suppose I’d always taken for granted in the past, but, now that I’ve spent three weeks living in a tin can, I have gained an appreciation for such previously insignificant things.

In this regard, the difference between home and trailer becomes immediately evident when one considers the fact that the trailer door has a place for your feet to stick out into the hallway.

Also, if you’re like me and like to bend over the sink while you brush your teeth, you’ve probably never noticed before but you need somewhere to put your derriere.  In a home washroom, you just bend over and don’t really think about it.  In a trailer, you get only halfway to bent over when your rump encounters resistance.  You must then decide whether to learn to brush your teeth standing up straight, in which case there’s the slobber aspect to be dealt with, or to open the door and block the hallway with your backside.

To give you an idea of scale, that sink is about the size of a cereal bowl.  Yes, I missed my bathroom more than any other single thing.

Across the hallway (I wish I could call it that without smirking), is the shower.  The use of the shower requires a bit of planning.  Step 1 is to throw everybody out so you won’t offend them with your cussing.  Step 2 involves closing the fabric scrunchie door thing, opening the bathroom door, figuring out where to hang your towel, remembering your soap/shampoo/razor, and then making sure that when you get naked, you’re not standing in front of the many windows (unless that’s your thing, in which case, ignore that bit).  Now you have to turn on the water.  There’s no point in tweaking the temperature because it likes to fluctuate between if-penquins-had-nipples…and holyflamingouch!!  It’s important to note that there is no warning whatsoever when this will occur.

Once you’ve turned sideways and sucked in your gut, you can squeeze yourself into the shower stall.  It’s around this time that the cussing generally commences.  The shower head (which is not supposed to be self-adjusting, but is) will spray up your nose by way of a greeting, then it will begin to sag until it squirts only the wall beneath it instead of you.  You literally have to grab a hold of the shower head and hold it in place while you wash with your other hand.  And, you have to do it very quickly because the water tank isn’t very big.  Forget washing your hair – there’s not enough pressure to rinse away the shampoo (yes, I know this for a fact).

I discovered right off the hop that I would rather shower wearing a pair of dorky rubber shoes in a public (eeeewww!) campground shower than to subject myself to further torment.  On the upside, the shower stall makes a lovely and desperately needed storage compartment.

  1. Kind of glad that our little trailer is too small for a bathroom. I totally wear shoes in campground showers!
    Ah, life on the road! 🙂

    • nomaddness says:

      Even though our trailer has a bathroom, it’s almost easier to use the campground facilities than go through the contortions required to uses ours. 😀

  2. I keep hearing that old theme music from years ago in the back of my brain….”Wagon Train”.

  3. candy says:

    Gald I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read this…I would have spit it out on the keyboard! Too funny!!! I love how you go immediately to bitch. I generally make a small stop at whine while Im winding up to bitch.

  4. In most campers I’ve been in, the bathtub is always a storage compartment!

  5. Sharlea says:

    Oddly enough, my reader had two blog posts about toilets today. Hmmm. Anyway, the bathtub in our camper is storage. My husband is 6’5″ … he’s not fitting in there. LOL We have a handheld shower thingy so you can make do to get your hair washed but it’s not the greatest. And, PS, nice loo.

  6. Have I told you I love the double entendre of your blog moniker? Great stuff! Love the redo on the bathroom interior too!

    • nomaddness says:

      Thanks, unpacked! I was wondering if anyone would notice that 😀 As for the bathroom, it is as it came with the trailer. If I were to do a redo, we’d need a second floor!

      • too funny! If you are thinking of a second story, i would be inclined to tease ,”what kind of nomad are you…?”. Much the same as my unpacked-ness… Spend lots of time planted and plotting my next travel which is too far and between.

  7. DouglasMB says:

    you know your going to miss it… and after being at home for a bit looking at the same walls and fighting the violets I planted in your yard while you were gone you will be ready to get out lol

  8. […] Betty. This couple writes about their adventures in their RV and are hilarious. Their post about the bathroom is […]

  9. Great blog post. We can relate. We are full-timing in a 25 foot Airstream. We did some remodeling but still tight! Take care.


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