The Rain in Maine Stays Mainly in the Plain

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Just Sayin', Photography, Rants, RV, Travel
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I’m sure this will astonish you to hear, but….I’m not a happy camper.  We’ve arrived in Freeport, Maine and, rather than describe what it’s like here, I’ll just show you.  This is our campground:

(Pretty sure those’re horseshoe pits in that puddle)

(How’s that for irony?  That’s not actually a beached boat but a kids’ sandbox gizmo!)

Rather than subject you to more of my whining, I’ll simply say that the bright spot of our very soggy day was going to the LL Bean mother ship and spending an obscene pile of money on bedding (and life jackets – ha ha!).  On the way back, we had to dodge “road flooded” signs and several washed out bits of pavement.  The news is telling us that it might be time to start rounding up pairs of animals.  I wish I was joking.  Bob has affixed pontoons to the trailer.

  1. If you camp or ride motorcycles much… that is what you get… Ya gotta deal with the good and bad… ya just hope there is more good than bad… I hope the weather got better for you…

  2. looks like someone built an ark! how convenient!

  3. PatriseArts says:

    critical Camping skills: keeping things dry!

  4. Sounds like a passage right out of “Moby Dick.”

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