When the Little Light Finally Goes On

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Photography, RV, Travel
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Pardon my mysterious absence (it was mysterious, wasn’t it?) but we’ve been holing up in campgrounds advertising internet connections, yet…  Well, here, lemme give you the gist:  One campsite swore up and down that they had an internet connection.  What they didn’t swear to was that it was available to campers.  Yep.  The office was all internetted up, but do you think those sinister trolls would share a bit o’ that?  For love or money??  Pffft!  I could hear them cackling as I shuffled off dejectedly.  “Har har har!  Happy camping there, Skippy!”  GAH!

Now, we’re set up for two nights in a spot just outside of Bar Harbor (I can’t tell you how badly I wanna shove an extra “u” into “harbour”…it’s a Canuck thing) where the internet just vapourizes without so much as a by-your-leave.  So, I’ll keep this short because if I make it really long and it vanishes, I can’t promise that I won’t just smash the living hell outta my laptop.

The campground here has something I’ve never seen before:  pay-as-you-go showers.  Um, what?!  Yup!  It’s twenty-five cents for five minutes of water.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I honestly don’t have a clue how long a shower takes.  I just get in there and sorta zone out.  Now I’m envisioning that water shutting off while I have shampoo gouging out my eyes or soap in a…er…delicate female area (ow!!)…and then scrambling to shove more quarters into the stupid machine.   Lemme think now…um….yeah….NO!  Instead, I decided to give our trailer shower another chance.  The procedure was greatly improved this time.  Why?  Well, I’ve finally figured out how to wash my (loads of) hair!  Dunno if you recall my describing how the shower head droops to the point of well, pointlessness.  It showers the wall it’s hanging on and a bit of your left foot.  Not great for hair-washing as you might imagine.  Well, this time the little light in my cranium went on!  I figured out that if I back up under the shower head and rest it on top of my head, it’ll send a fairly steady stream of hot and/or cold water over my head!  Are you as exciting about this as I am?

Lemme just shove a couple of photogs in here.  I’m running low on graceful segues at the moment so I’ll just slam ’em in here.  I’m not normally a flower girl (meaning that I leave the gorgeous flowery shots to those better equipped to do them (same goes for people shots)) (wow…did I just do a bracket in a bracket?  That’s awkward!) (Where was I?)….oh yeah…flowers:

(I have no idea what this thing is and I apologize for the focussy messness of it – don’t say I didn’t warn ya about the flower shots!)  If anyone has any thoughts on what this plant might be, I’d be interested to hear.

(This one is a Ladyslipper – I just thought it was complete cool.)

Bar Harbor (pronounced Ba-ha-ba by the locals – the Maine accent is beyond delightful!) is a gorgeous little spot.  My only regret is that we’d discovered it before all the tourists did.  I guess it’s the same with most really cool places.  The hoards of lookie-loos just mess it up.  Anyhoo, loads of cool souvenir shops and tours we could take if we were so inclined.  I accosted some poor woman who was just getting off of a whale-watching tour boat and asked her what she saw.  She said, “we saw jack!”  (I didn’t ask who Jack was, cuz I know him well.)  Apparently there have been (get this) NO whale sightings so far this year.  Bummer.  I guess we’ll try again next week when we’re back in this area.

We finally saw a lighthouse!!  See?

And here are a couple of other shots of miscellaneous whatevers from the past two days:

(Addition to wishlist:  I want a door like this opening onto the ocean!!)

(I’ve never been good at those swooshy water shots so you get only crispy critters from me.)

(I have no idea why I think seaweed is so cool, but I do!)

(I read somewhere that you can’t go to Maine and not take at least one dorky boat shot.)

(I totally just made that up.)

  1. Renee says:

    Your pictures are quite good!

  2. Laura Domela says:

    Nice photos! And OMG we’ve tightened our shower head so many times…I think the 7.1 earthquake that happens every time we drive down the road does a number on it. The other day when I was in there I thought about attaching a little 3M stick-on hook on the wall under the nozzle, so that the shower head has a “locked” position while we’re driving…maybe then it wouldn’t come loose so fast? Dunno. Will let you know if I try it, and if it works.

  3. PatriseArts says:

    First flowers look like our mountain laurels, only I’ve never seen that amazing color. Ours are white or pale pink. Great Ladyslipper shot.

  4. The pics were true art and wonderful……even the lame boat ones.

  5. Bruce Byfield says:

    I believe that those aren’t dorky boats, technically speaking, but “dorky dingys” — a phrase I now want to slip casually into conversation.

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