Reflecting on The Maine Event

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Birds, Just Sayin', Photography, RV, Travel, Wildlife
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One of the things we loved about Maine is that they do things a little differently.  It’s a bit like our own dear Newfies whose time zone is a half-hour out of whack with the rest of the country.

On our way home, I asked Bob what his favourite thing was about Maine.  “The accent,” he said with a grin.  I should have known.  He’d been speaking with a Maine accent for days.  It was weird for him to do that – I’m usually the one who picks up accents and gets carried away with them.  I’ve honestly never known him to do it.  Here, to give you an idea, he was giggling his fool head off when he bought this:

It’s his most cherished souvenir of our trip.  Sigh.  Oh, and here’s the one he bought for me:

(It’s a lapel pin…)  (eyeroll)

I suppose I didn’t need to be asked why my favourite thing was.  PUFFINS!!!  I think the lighthouses came a close second, though.  There are so many of them and they’re all so interesting.  The thing about Maine that made me laugh, though, was the measurements of various things.  Everywhere I’ve ever been, you buy milk that’s either 1%, 2%, homogenized, or skim.  I thought it to be a universal truth.  Not in Maine:

The milk wasn’t the only thing.  I tried like mad to get a shot of one of the mileage signs for you, but, alas, they blew by too quickly and I couldn’t get one in focus.  You know the ones I mean – they say stuff like “Albuquerque 75 miles” (well, it probably wouldn’t say that in Maine, but you get the idea).   In Maine, the signs say things like “Portland 28 17/43 miles,” or worse, “Main Street 1/10 mile,” which doesn’t really even give your brain time to assimilate this information before you’ve gone past.  My question is this:  Would it not have been simpler, in the case of the Portland sign, for example, to just move the sign back a bit and plant it at, say, a nice round 29 miles?!  Just to keep idiots like me from saying, “huh?!” and then madly trying to convert it to kilometers in our heads?   Or, move that pesky Main Street sign back another 4/10 of a mile to give us an even half-mile warning?  Some of the fractions on these signs were just bizarre!  There must be someone with serious anal issues in charge of the sign-makers union in Maine.  Cripes!

And, since I can’t seem to end without throwing in some photogs…

(The rain in Maine…)

(Lobstah traps)

<—-Bob in the rain…

And, those of you who don’t already know about my bird thing, it’s about time you learned…

(Barn swallow glaring ferociously)

(Belted Kingfisher)

(I was pretty excited about the Kingfisher – I’d never seen one before.  Not nearly as excited as I was about the puffins…or the condors…but still…ha ha!)

  1. Maine is awesome, and not just because of the lobstah. So glad the sun came out so you could see that side, too!

  2. Boatbird says:

    You’ve made me want to go to Maine now you buggah!
    Sounds a bit like our beloved Fens where familes stay together (oh yeah) and six toes/webbed feet are the norm. And I won’t mention the eyes….
    And to quote your good self ” way out of whack with the rest of the country” but all the better for it.

  3. I love kingfishers! My favorite bird, I think.

  4. Sounds like a Southerner trying to do a “Northern accent, yah fa surah.

  5. christophercurmudgeon says:

    Didn’t happen to stop by Stephen King’s place, did ya?

    • nomaddness says:

      Funny you should ask! Last time we were in Bangor (which is apparently where he lives) I couldn’t stop myself from looking for him. How awesome would that be to bump into the guy I named my son after!

      • christophercurmudgeon says:

        I know! I always wanted to go to Bangor just to visit him. His house looks pretty bad ass, actually. Not sure if you’ve seen pictures of it. Two big ass spiders on the gated entrance. The house itself looks like it could be used for a horror film as well.

      • nomaddness says:

        I have indeed seen pictures of the gate and you can believe I kept my eyes peeled (not literally, of course) the whole time I was there!

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