Zombie Apocalypse?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Photography, RV, Travel

On Day 4 of our journey, Bob lost his mind.

He suddenly began to babble about how zombies had eaten all the cows.  Granted, we were travelling down a startlingly desolate stretch of highway – four lanes and just us as far as the eye could see.  Too, we hadn’t seen any lifeforms whatsoever in a good while.  But zombies?  Then we saw the first of what can only be described as a Child Compound.

Picture a happy little playground with brightly coloured swings, a slide, teeter-totters, one of those climby things.  Now picture it enclosed by a eight-foot chain link fence topped with razor wire.  One begins to wonder, aloud in this case, Is that to keep something out…or in?  

Maybe Bob’s maniacal zombie chatter wasn’t all that far-fetched.  I mean, when was the last time you traveled through miles and miles of grazing land without seeing so much as a single animal?  No cows, no horses, nary a goat.  Yep, weird.

No tell Motel R

I began to actively look for signs of life – a farmer in a field, a kid in one of those Compounds, Mama hangin’ out the washin’…  There was nothing.  Not a soul!  It was the eeriest darned thing.  Mile after mile of farms and homesteads, albeit run down in most cases, but not abandoned by any stretch.  Yet, where are the people?  Where is the dog that always there asleep on the driveway?  Where’s the beef?!

Homestead 2R

Bob just nodded and said, “Zombies.  No question.”


  1. Shari says:

    Lovely looking place. Don’t see any Remax signs.

  2. Laura Domela says:

    This is when I slowly say: “They’re all dead insiiiiiiiide.”

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