On the Fly

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Birds, Photography, RV, Travel, Wildlife

Just so ya don’t think we’ve been murdered by swamp critters (oh, c’mon, you know the thought had crossed your mind), here’s a mini update (and some pictures for Shari):

We’re holed up in a beautiful park near where our friends live just north of Tampa.  We should be here a week or so romping around and soaking up the sunshine.  They say it’s going to go into the 70’s over the weekend!!  That’ll be nice because we ran out of warm clothes days ago.  Yeah, yeah, you’re right – we could just go do some laundry, but that just flies in the face of the whole “vacation” concept, don’tcha think?

Picture for Shari:

Squirrel AR

Some squirrel Bob was having a conversation with – that boy’ll talk to anyone.  Seriously.

We went out for an amazingly amazing dinner the other night with our very dear (warm, squishy, etc.) friends Chuckles and Murray (completely artificial names) at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook right at your table and the chef waves his REALLY BIG knives around and does some astonishing things with cooking utensils.  The food was spectacular!  The cooking show was even better!

Another picture for Shari:

Osprey AR

This is me getting glared at by an osprey.  He actually ran me off in the end.  I’m missing a bit of hair, but I’ m okay. 😛

Today, we are planning to go look for a Great Horned Owlet we’ve heard about.  In the meantime, here’s a shot of Florida’s State bird, the Northern Mockingbird (for Shari):

Northern Mockingbird BR

  1. Shari says:

    Good job… Bob’s squirrel friend was very attentive. He was either buying everything Bob was saying or was amazed by the blue camera. The birds are wunderbar too. You sure are up on your birds. That fence looks meaningful. Seem like birds and snakes are the only ones that enter there.

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