Summa Diss ‘n’ Summa Dat

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Cemeteries, North Carolina, Photography, RV, Tourism, Travel
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This is gonna be a post without an actual point. Just some bits and pieces of cool things we saw on our adventure.

I hope you don’t think me weird…nah, that’s a lie – go right ahead and think it if you like…but I really love love love old cemeteries. The one in New Bern, North Carolina is one of my favourites. It has graves and tombs dating back to the 1700’s. Some are very elaborate, and some are flat out bizarre. The ambiance of the place is amazing: trees draped with Spanish Moss, pathways paved with crushed oyster shells, giant tombstones, and so on.  

Gate R

I love the little bits of ornamentation that look sorta like faces.

Lamp 1R

What the heck does that mean: “Her lamp was burning?” You couldn’t give us a clue at least? Like, “Her lamp was burning, but her candle wasn’t?” Or, “Her lamp was burning so fiercely that it burned her house down and that was the end of her?” Was she a pyro?  C’mon, I have questions, dammit!  Don’t leave me hangin’ here!

And here’re some pictures of our awesome campsite on the Outer Banks that I forgot to show you earlier (or possibly I was at a loss for a decent segue, which is more likely the case):

Outer Banks Campsite 1R

Here are some of Bob’s famous (amazing) sunset photogs. We had to look at this mess every evening (sad, eh?):





  1. Too see more silly headstones please visit my blog and type “a day away” into the search bar. Funny.

  2. Shari says:

    Wow. What can I say. Not your average tourist site. Campsite looks pretty amazing.

  3. christophercurmudgeon says:

    Next time you’re around these parts, I’ll show ya a few cemeteries here and there. There’s a big ass one right in the middle of one part of town, right across the street from a Dairy Queen. Nothing makes you crave ice cream like the view of old tombstones and thoughts of decomposing bodies.

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