The Lighthouses of the Outer Banks

Posted: April 18, 2013 in History, North Carolina, Photography, RV, Tourism, Travel
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Ever since our trip to Maine last year, we’ve had a bit of thing for lighthouses. Happily for us, the Outer Banks of North Carolina has some really cool ones.

During tourist season (which isn’t now), when it’s hot ‘n’ heavy, they actually allow you to climb up inside of some of them. I for one was grateful for all the “currently closed for climbing” signs. If I’m gonna have a heart attack climbing something, I’d prefer it had easy access for the paramedics. And maybe a helipad. Just sayin’. So no climbing for us. Just looking:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 1R

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

This was the first lighthouse we checked out on our list of four. Several cool things about this one: Built in 1870, this lighthouse sat back 1500 feet from the ocean. A hundred years later, it sat only 150 feet from the ocean’s edge. Erosion had placed this beautiful lighthouse in peril, so, in 1999 the entire lighthouse was moved intact about 2900 feet from its original position.

And that’s all the history you’re gonna get outta me. On with the visually cool bits. The base on this thing just blew me away. From a distance, it seemed like maybe some pot-smoking artiste had been commissioned to create the base. Upon closer inspection, it was probably the coolest part of this structure. The colours in the marble are just amazing:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Door BR

The second lighthouse we went to see was very similar to the first one. No history lesson this time, just a picture:

Bodie Island Lighthouse 1R

The Bodie Island Lighthouse

Next, we went to see this one:

Ocracoke Lighthouse 1R

The Ocracoke Lighthouse

We had to take a (free!!!) ferry to go and see this one. Bob got pooped upon by a seagull, but you didn’t hear that from me.  I think it was divine retribution because he nearly drove me off my nut saying “Ocracoke” all the time.  He just wouldn’t stop!  Oh what, that doesn’t sound all that annoying? HAH!  Get someone to follow YOU around all day saying, “Ocracoke” then get back to me.

And, last but not least, was this unpainted beauty:

Corolla Lighthouse 1R

The Corolla Lighthouse

Corolla Lighthouse 2R

It was virtually impossible to get a good shot of this one because of all the trees (I’m not sure what a lighthouse is doing in the woods, but anyway). This one was interesting because it was surrounded by nature trails and other cool stuff.

Whalehead Club R

The Whalehead Club

The yellow building is called The Whalehead Club. I think it used to be sort of a hunting lodge for rich good ole boys. Now it’s just a museum with a really cool bridge leading to it.  

This concludes our Official Lighthouse Post.  Thank you for showing up. 🙂


  1. lobye says:

    Reblogged this on cyankrefa and commented:

  2. I’ve been to all of these lighthouse and toured the Whalehead Club, too. In fact, some Ospreys were building a nest on the south side of the roof below the east chimney were we were there. We’re going back with our grandkids in June.

    I love how your “see” things through your camera lens. Very well done indeed.


  3. The bird poop pic would have been nice…….but the high rises will do.

  4. Darlene George says:

    Corolla Lighthouse. I am not familiar with this name. I live in NC and love the outer banks and our lighthouses. I think this one is Currituck Lighthouse unless it is known by two names and I was unaware. I could be wrong about it also be called Corolla but I am positive on the name Currituck. I just checked all my artists prints and my Lefton Lighthouses to double check and they all have Currituck too. Just trying to make sure we both have the right information. Your photos are beautiful.

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