Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 4

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Newfoundland, Photography, RV, Tourism, Travel
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Oh geez, by, not da map again!

Oh c’mon, be honest, you were missing my beautiful map, I know you were.


On Day 4, we meandered from Point C, Gros Morne, to Point D, which is….I’d better show you – you’ll never believe me if I just say it.


Now, I know what you’re thinking – you’re wondering if I’m alphabetically challenged because there appears to be a Point F in between Points C and D on that amazingly glorious map.  As it happens, the F-stop (little photog humour there – heh heh) comes later, after we’d been to E and back (that woulda been a lot cornier if I’d said L instead of E…).  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, we went to Dildo Run.

We chose this spot to camp for two days not only because the name made us giggle, but because it’s close to Twillingate, and, as we all know, Twillingate is the Iceberg Capital of the World.  Turns out it’s pretty much like the moose business, but, I’m getting ahead of myself again.

While The Bob was setting up the trailer, Shari and I were excused from turnip detail so we went wandering around with our cameras.  Almost immediately, a really nice Newfie man approached us and asked if we’d been to photograph the owls yet. Given my “thing” for owls, I began to bounce up and down and I had a heck of a time concentrating on the directions the man was giving us.

“G’wan down tada stop soign ‘n’ hang a right, right?”


Den ya take dat road a ways an’ y’ll see oh I dunno foive er six ‘ouses dere, ‘n’ ya g’wan right on by dem ‘ouses.”

Right…go past the houses…check!”

After a ways y’ll see a pond. Pull over by da pond and y’ll see doze owls up ‘ere inna rocks, eh?”

Right…stop at the pond and look up in the rocks…check!”

But deres a lotta rock so ya gotta look fer da poop, okay?”

Right! Look for the poop! Got it!”

So off we went, right turn, down the road, past the ‘ouses, pond, park, poop, and ta dah!  Just as he’d said.  I showed you a couple of the pictures the other day – if you missed it or you wanna look again, click HERE.  There’s something otherworldly about standing there being stared at by a Great Horned Owl.  It’s unbelievably cool.

After Bob dragged me back to the car, we went exploring around Twillingate.

The first stop was (yet) another lighthouse (yay!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to hand over a wad of cash and visit the Whatever-it-was Exhibit in this unusual lighthouse.  We’re still trying to get over that.

Since as I said Twillingate is the (ahem) Iceberg Capital of the World (snort), we decided to venture in to town and find out where all the icebergs were.  We heard from several sources that we “just missed one – har har har.”  We were beginning to see a pattern…

With no icebergs to see, we poked around the town and the area for a while. We happened upon a sign that said that Vancouver was 4824 kms away. This amused us greatly because that’s where Shari is from. I insisted that she pose for a photog (for her mom) and she and Gnomey assumed the position. I was just about to take the shot when this lovely dog materialized and struck this lovely pose. Not exactly a photo-bomb, but kinda.


If he’s a pointer, he’s doing it wrong.  Just sayin’.

We goofed around Twillingate until it was hungry time whereupon we laid siege to a fish ‘n’ chips shop and stuffed our faces.

After dinner, we waddled back out to the car and headed back to the campground with the silly name thinking we’d get up early and go check on the iceberg status.

  1. I’ve been to Newfoundland on business… out in the remote areas and thought it would be a great place to ride… It’s on the list but I have no idea if and when that will happen… Thanks for the great post and reminding me of how beautiful it is…

  2. Kate Sparkes says:

    Reblogged this on disregard the prologue and commented:
    OK, guys, if you’re interested at all in Newfoundland, here’s a blog for you to check out. I’m just re-blogging this one post, but have a look back through. There’s a hilarious post on the Great Moose Conspiracy (I commented, b’ys), and some lovely information on speaking Newfinese. Lovely photos, too!

  3. Another great post. I loved the accented dialogue (I actually knew what he was saying but was surprised that there really was an owl to see.) I really liked the dog shot, and loved the slide show. How do you do that and the gallery thing, too? Maybe my templet doesn’t give me those options.

    Also, I am so glad you and Bob are touring Newfie. My wife and I had considered doing so this summer. Now we don’t have to. Saves us a bunch.

    Thanks so much.


  4. littlebird says:

    Thanks again for a most interesting and entertaining post. I’ve never met you but I can imagine hearing you speak the words that you write. You have a real talent for making me feel like I am right there experiencing Newfoundland. I haven’t been there yet, but I feel like I’m getting real sense of the place from following your posts. Someday…

  5. Great post and beautiful photos. Enjoyed the slideshow. Need to check that out. And that dog is a real poser, isn’t he?

  6. DouglasMB says:

    once again i enjoyed this 🙂 I have always loved the way you put your advetures to pen…. err keyboard

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