Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 5

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Newfoundland, Photography, Tourism, Travel
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After heading out early and determining that icebergs were not to be seen this day, we sighed, we sagged, and we soldiered on.  Thankfully, the bergs are not the only thing worth seeing in the Twillingate area.

There are innumerable tiny coves and fishing villages just waiting to be discovered.




Something we found really interesting were these Newfie-style root cellars.  Some of them are still in use to store taters and whatnot through the winter.  Because of the giant rock aspect of this entire island, there are no basements, so you can’t just chuck your turnips downstairs for storage.  Not that I’d ever do that.  Turnips are disgusting.  Just sayin’.


Mother Nature let us down with the icebergs, but it was a wonderful day all the same.



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  2. Okay, who did you put in the bucket?
    BTW I have successfully posted a slideshow. What fun! And so easy. Thanks

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