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Oh, I know, I know – I’m still waaaaay behind on the triperisms, but I wanted to dive in here and tell you about where we are (Note:  I actually wrote this while we were still there…um, we’re not anymore).

We had booked to stay for three nights at (now, I’m gonna bust a big move here and attempt to stuff a link in to impress you) Central City, Colorado.  (Epic fail on the link – I can’t figure out to to make it open in a new page, so that pretty much blows.)  (Pssst, Bruce:  If ever you were inclined to divulge the secret, now is the time!)  Where was I?  Oh yeah… Central City.  If you are truly and deeply interested to know, and I can’t for the life of me imagine why you would be, you’re going to have to Goog it for yourself with my profound apologies.  If you can’t be bothered, here are some photogs:

Central City, aside from being a creepy little burg full of historical yawnitudes, abandoned gold mines, and (ugh) casinos, finds itself nestled at an ungodly altitude of just over 8500 feet which is achieved by jamming the transmission of the Edge into second gear and then tossing out excess groceries (and t-shirts!) and whatnot while crawling pretty much straight up at a mind-numbingly slow pace while a miles long entourage of hostile drivers forms in our wake.  Then there’s the smell.  I swear that my beautiful new car very nearly gasped its last trying to drag our trailer up that stupid mountain.  But, we made it.  We camped there last night in what turned out to be Weirdoville (don’t ask).  Then today, we left the trailer at the park and went to tour Denver.  I’ll try to dig up some photogs for you.

When we arrived back at the RV park, it (get this) started snowing!

When I checked the weather for the area, it said that five inches was expected!  GAH!  What that meant to us is that we’d be sliding back down that stupid mountain sans snow tires at 7:00 am. in order to deposit Shari at the Denver airport in time for her flight home.  Um…no.  So we packed up our schitt like a bunch of maniacs and dragged ourselves back down to the real world.  We’re now camped at a KOA just past the Denver airport, and I’m happy to report that it’s not snowing.

Oh rats!  I almost forgot, I promised you some Denver photogs.

The Denver Library

I shot this one thinking that the houses were so pretty.  I didn’t realize until afterward that they were all bail bond shops.  Ya just don’t see that in small town Ontario…

Ever on the lookout for graffiti (it’s a thing with me), this is the closest thing that Denver had to offer.  They don’t know what they’re missing!