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Bob’s other wife, Shari, has flown in from Vancouver to come along on the rest of our adventure (she keeps us from killing each other – ha ha!).  This morning, we’ll take the ferry over to Newfoundland.  It’s a six-hour ride so it should be either deadly dull or interesting, depending on the scenery or lack thereof.

I’m going to attempt a gallery of bits and pieces of things we’ve seen so far (including the world’s biggest and dorkiest blue berry).  Wish me luck!  Here goes….

It’s kinda hard to see here, but on that big curvy bridge shot, they had to stop the traffic both ways to move that house across.  Yep, it’s a house!   We must be getting close to Newfieland…

Oh, and that fluffy blue guy is a cupcake we saw in the grocery store.  This cupcake business is getting out of hand, don’tcha think?


This bird business is getting out of hand. If you’d told me five years ago that I’d become a birdwatcher in the not-too-distant future, I’d have har-de-har-harred and advised you to seek professional help.

Be that as it may, I found myself prowling around in a cemetery the other day in search of an Eastern Screech Owl I’d heard rumour of. The problem with the location for the search was that, in addition to my little bird problem, I also have a real thing for cemeteries. It sounded like the perfect combo to me. Now who needs professional help, hmm? Hey, we all have our demons…

Well, the owl was nowhere to be found, although, I have to confess, my search was perhaps slightly less diligent than it might have been in a less fascinating environment.

Here’s what I did see (please excuse any photographic weirdness you might encounter – I just got PhotoShop Elements 11 and we’re becoming acquainted):

And, as if that weren’t thrilling enough (okay, thrilling to me, anyway), I found someone who is…er…that is to say was more enamoured with their trailer than Bob is with ours!  


Hey, do you think they’d do an Airstream tombstone for him when he kicks the bucket?

Nine more sleeps ’til we leave for Newfieland!

This is a bit tough for me to admit out loud, but, I think I’m becoming one of those freaky old bird ladies.  I honestly never saw this coming.  I should have, really.  I mean, look at the stuff on my Bucket List:  See a California Condor (check);  see Puffins (checkity-check!); see Whooping Cranes; yadda yadda…it goes on.  There are a surprising number of birds on that stupid list.

I’ve noticed something else lately:  When I’m not gallivanting all over hell’s half acre with ole Bob and our new trailer, I’m lurking in the shrubbery with my camera….stalking…birds!  Ugh!  I can’t believe it!  The funny thing is, though, that I keep encountering “bird people,” and I’ve discovered that there is a not-so-subtle rivalry between the hard-core birders (the beige-clad, binocular-wielding, dorky hat and sensible shoe-wearing sort) and the bird photographers.  Apparently the (ahem) REAL birders think the photographers are cretins (and probably vicey versace) because they do bad things to get “the shot.”  “Bad things” might include making bird noises or sneaking up on nests.  REAL birders like to stand there and wait for the magic to show up and land on them.

Anyhoo, I’m just a girl who likes to take pictures of birds (and lots of other stuff).  So, today, I was surfing around in Flickr and I discovered some really weird schitt.  There are gangs and groups and clubs and bunches of people (cults?  Hmmm…) who like to shoot pictures of birds.  Just like me?  Pffft! Yeah, no. Get this:  All of the groups I perused had (ugh) rules.   And, all of the rules were pretty much the same.  They said things like “NO pictures of nests!”  Why?  Well, apparently if you sneak up on a nest, you’re messing with nature or somesuch.  They don’t mention the little fact that a good 90% of the bird photoggers have at least a 500 mm lens so they can be standing in the next county and get the shot.  Negative bird disturbage.  I personally do most of my bird stuff with a 300 mm lens cuz it’s the biggest one I have.  I rely heavily on luck.  I think it’s more exciting that way.

In addition to the “NO nests” business, they invariably also have a rule that says (I can’t say this without rolling my eyes) “NO dead birds.”  Um…okay then.  I’ll make a note of that.  I guess it means I can’t post stuff like this (I shot it out my back window last winter):

Coopers Hawk with (DEAD!!) Mourning Dove

I also noticed several groups with “NO injured or abused birds” amongst their rule pile.  Because… I can’t even speak to that one.  Are there really people out there who abuse birds and then take pictures of them?  Are we that weird??

Long story short, I discovered that if I wanna join one of these bird photogger gangs, I have to strictly adhere to the “Only happy-sappy birdie shots – no reality allowed” rule.  In other words, I have to blow nothing but sunshine and butterflies out of my …er…camera.  Which brings us to another point:  What about the poor insects?  Or the fish?  I saw literally thousands of pictures today showing birds brutalizing butterflies and beetles and fish!  It was horrible!  I was deeply offended.  (I’m totally lying.)  But seriously, what if the bug group folks find out about this??  Or the fish group people??  It could get very ugly very quickly.

I guess I won’t be joining a Flickr bird gang anytime soon.  I’m just too much of a rebel.  I’ll just stay here and write about my travels and sometimes I’ll slide some birds into my blog…just to get it out of my system, y’know?  🙂

Okay.  I feel better now.  🙂

I’m still playing catch-up here, so without further ado, I give you…(cue “ta-dah” sound effect)…Day 10:

Way back, during the planning stages of this trip, the three of us had a big yack about stuff that we really wanted to do and see.  For me, although I’d been to see the Grand Canyon before, I wanted to go back because of my secret dream/bucket-list thing about seeing California Condors.  Well, we all know how that one worked out, and yes, I’m still grinning about it.  One of the things that both Bob and Shari wanted to do was drive some of Route 66.

“Route 66?” said I.  “Wasn’t that just a dorky TV show way back in the old days?”  I received a world class eye roll in reply to my query.  You’d be shocked to learn how often that happens to me.

Even when the whole oooo-aaaahhhh Route 66 thing was explained to me, I still glazed over and wanted to know if there would be gift shops.  Apparently, I “didn’t get it.”  Apparently, I still don’t.  But, we accomplished the mission anyway, regardless of my melodramatic yawns and snide remarks.  The following photogs are not mine this time.  I was too busy yawning to shoot operate a camera.  So today’s episode is presented for your viewing (*yawn*) pleasure, by Bob and Shari.  Except for the map – I punked that off of the internet (I don’t remember where so obviously no image credits will be forthcoming – if I get nabbed I’m gonna lie my ass of and deny everything like I always do when I steal stuff).

This we found in a museum of all places!!  If you’re an old fart like me, you won’t find that very funny:

Okay, that’s enough.  I’m yawning again.  (Please don’t tell Bob and Shari I said that.)