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Blowing Off the Dust

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I had more or less decided to keep this blog just for our travel adventures.  Then it somehow became downgraded to keeping it for our really BIG adventures – none of those piddly little weekend jaunts or, heck, even the week we spent it Letchworth State Park in NY.  Pffft!  (That was awesome, by the way).

Ah, who’m I kidding?  It was just laziness, plain and simple.  I guess the whole notion of it being the end of our travelling season and nearing time to put our shiny new trailer away into storage for the winter kinda got me down.  

But seriously, who cares about all that.  It’s a shiny new trailer trash season and, at the risk of putting a tired old Willie Nelson song in your head…we’re on the road again….  🙂