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On Day 13, we packed up and left the spectacular Monument Valley behind.

I recalled from my last trip to Moab, nearly 20 years ago, that it wuzz right sum purdy.  The closer we got, the more I began to think that this was one of those times when memory out-strips reality.  Y’know, like how everything just seemed bigger when you were a kid. I was just thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have made such a big deal out of coming here when…WHAM!  We came upon this just sorta hanging out beside the road:

After doing a wee bit of research, I’ve learned that this is called Church Rock, and that little thing on the bottom that looks like a door, is a man-made hole.  Yep, some genius spotted this giant ROCK and thought it might be a really cool idea to burrow into it.  The aforementioned genius only got about three feet in before realizing the error of his ways.  I guess there was nobody handy to eye-roll him and say, “Hellooooo, it’s a ROCK, ya doof!”

A bit further down the road, we came upon this (the arch, the car etc. we brought with us):

You can always spot one of Bob’s photogs.  He runs out into traffic so he can get his (cue angels) trailer into the picture.  That insignificant thing in the background is called Wilson Arch because some schmoe named (you guessed it) Wilson once lived next to it.  That was his big claim to fame (that he didn’t live long enough to know about).

So, my big plan was to just do a photog blowout for the Moab Days, but this particular area of the world is a little overwhelming from a scenery standpoint (to say the least!) that I have over a thousand photogs to go through.  Choosing a couple for a blog became an ordeal.  Choosing a couple of hundred for a blog is a no-brainer.  Without even scratching the surface, here are a few (to keep me from getting glared at) for now:

 I was tempted to dumb that sky down a bit so it didn’t look so fake.  Blame it on my polarizer 😛

(One of Bob’s magic moments)

(One of Shari’s – Wow, eh?)

And last, but least, this is a shot of one of the arches we saw in (of all places) Arches National Monument:

Am I the only one who thought that this needed to be done?

Twelve days in to our trip and I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to have our first bacon blowout.  Dunno if you’ve ever been camping [at all, but most especially] when someone nearby gets to cooking bacon.  Well, it’s like the call of the wild – there’s really no aroma quite like it.  I must admit, I enjoyed imagining people salivating and husbands glaring at their wives, saying “Why can’t you make me bacon for breakfast?”  Then I like to imagine the little missus dinging the old boy in the forehead with the frying pan and saying, “Cook it yer own damn self!”  🙂

Shari made us some awesome french toast to go with our hawg-fest.  Afterward, we waddled out to the car and headed out for Natural Bridges National Monument.  To get there, we had to drive up this road:

Yes, there are no guardrails and yes, it was not a climb/drive for weenies.  (My eloquence often astounds me.)  The drive involved a lot of really tight switchbacks and a bit of dangling.  There may or may not have been some screaming (a secret I’ll take to my grave).  Just sayin’.

Once we had literally (not literally) clawed our way to the top of this monstrosity, we found ourselves in Natural Bridges Park.  That’s when we saw stuff like this:

This hike to get to this astonishing view involved some seriously dodgy galumphing up and down on some really un-public-safety-conscious rock configurations:

I have no idea who this large-bottomed woman with inappropriate hiking footwear is…

I’ve done my share of hiking, but honestly, I’ve never ever before encountered a trail feature like this:

Sadly, I couldn’t get either Shari or Bob to permit me to post the photogs of them descending this creation.  There’s just something about having someone take your picture with your rump up in the air that makes people bashful.

It was a wonderful hike, though, and I can’t even begin to describe for you the amazing things we saw.  We took literally (yes, literally) thousands of photogs on this particular day….which brings me to why I’ve been lagging behind on my blog:  In a nutshell:  Crappy lappy; Iffy Wiffy (WiFi); and three (count ’em: THREE!) avid photographers who can’t seem to stop themselves from maxing out those memory cards.  We have chargers to charge our chargers.

As this post has already gone over long, I’ll cut to the photogs du jour:

(Crappy photog, but it’s for someone I love.)

Isn’t this just the coolest house you’ve seen all day??  Seriously…

I probably should have stolen these, but I settled for photogging them instead.  I’d really suck as a criminal…

There are zillions more photogs I should show you, but this connection is getting cranky, so this’ll hafta do for today.

Love, Thelma xo