Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 3

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Birding, Birds, Newfoundland, Photography, RV, Tourism, Travel, Wildlife
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I hate to disappoint, but there’ll be no incredibly awesome map today.  Only because we were still in the same place: Gros Morne.

Our Trip Research Technician had sussed out a number of interesting spots for us to scope out.  Team Turnip seemed to be enjoying letting him do all of the work (travelling with a control freak does have its perks…sometimes).

We began our day by falling into the car clutching our coffee mugs and meandering up the coast to the site of a shipwreck.  The S. S. Ethie, a wooden steamship, ran aground in 1919 in a terrible storm.  (If you’re interested in the details, click HERE for an excerpt from the ship’s log.  It’s a short, interesting read.  Seriously, click it.  Would I steer ya wrong?  Geez…I hope the Captain of the S. S. Ethie didn’t say that…)  Nearly a hundred years later, all that’s left are a wood thing (technical term) and the metal bits of the ship, and they’ve just been left as they landed – rare for something of interest to tourists.  No gift shops, no ticket booth, no velvet rope – just the bits of the wreck lying in the surf.  Cool, eh?

Once we’d shot our photogs of the wreck, we piled back in the car and headed a little further up (or possibly down) the coast to a place called Arches Provincial Park.  Not quite as impressive as the Utah Arches we visited last year but still pretty cool.

Next, we had planned to go and see the Cow’s Head Lighthouse, but for reasons that are as odd as they are classified, we decided against it (Okay, okay, one of us had to pee rather urgently so we went in search of a potty instead. Happy now?).

On the way to find the potty, we saw stuff like this:

Once business was taken care of, we tossed around some ideas and came up with this:  “5km hike in through a bug-infested bog for no apparent reason.”  Hey, who wouldn’t vote for that one?!  There actually was a reason at the time, but it sorta fell apart in the execution.  We went out to a place called Western Brook Pond, which offered what sounded on paper like a really cool boat tour.  The downside was that you had to hike 2.5 kms through the swamp to get to the boat.  The downer-than-that-side was that when we got there, we were alone.  I mean alone alone.  There was a building and there were boats, but no people.  We stooged around for a while until a couple of worker bees showed up and informed us that we were about two hours early for the boat tour. What?! You mean the internet is WRONG?! Inconceivable! (Little Princess Bride reference there…heh heh….oh,never mind…)  So, once again, one (or more) of us had to pee desperately so we decided to hike back to the parking lot where the potty was.  It wasn’t a total write-off, though.  We did see some interesting things along the path. Well, okay, some of it looked like this:

Western Brook Pond SDSC_0421R

But some of the other parts were nice.

AND!! You’ll be excited to hear that I saw some birds I’ve never seen before!

By then it was just coming up on lunchtime and we were already exhausted. We went back to the trailer, ate lunch and declared it to be Nap Time.

  1. How do you do the gallery layout? Very cool, and I especially like the hover over bird ID thingie. And, oh, when you include a link, I think it’s better to have a new page open for that link. You don’t want people to leave your blog do you?

    Ok, I have to go pee now.


    • nomaddness says:

      I don’t know how to do the new-page thing! I’ll swap ya the gallery secret (hahaha!) for a lesson on how to open a new page with a link. Deal?

    • nomaddness says:

      I’ve been trying to find the post where I read about how to do a gallery to link for you (in a non-new page :P), but it’s vanished, so I’ll just wing it if that’s okay.

      When you’re writing your post, there’s a button that says “add media.” Click that and you’ll see another button in the top lefthand corner that says “create gallery.” Click that, then select the pictures you want to include, then go over to the bottom righthand corner and click the thing that says “create a new gallery.” Now you have to make some decisions about how you want your gallery to look. I have been using “mosaic tile” mostly, but “slideshow” is cool too. You can add captions that pop up at this stage. You’ll have to preview your post to see how it all turns out.

      If you just play around with it a bit, poking the buttons and stuff, you should be able to figure it out. 🙂

    • nomaddness says:

      AHA! I think I’ve sorted out the “new page” business. Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways! 🙂

  2. The pic of beach stones was pure art!! Beautiful. You have an incredible eye my dear friend.

  3. Can’t believe with all the galleries I’ve done I never noticed the slideshow option. Duh! I’ll try it next time. Love the blog. Photos are fantastic. Am now following.

  4. DouglasMB says:

    🙂 your awesome … so I see birds… but no cannons?

  5. They’ll be a slide show on this week’s blog. Thanks so much for your good instructions.


  6. noreia says:

    I love this series, and your pics are amazing. What a treat for those of us who sucked at traveling back when we were able, and didn’t take pictures or write anything down. (ahemthatwouldbeme) And was it in the day 2 section someone mentioned too many lighthouses? Not possible.

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