Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 2

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Birds, Newfoundland, Photography, RV, Tourism, Travel
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We arose bright and early and began our trek up the coast to Point C on our astonishingly brilliant map that we’re not too proud to reuse, possibly several times: Gros Morne National Park.

DSC_0254R(Don’t say I didn’t warn ya about the signs!)

If you’re curious, as I am, and you’re not fluent in French, you may find yourself wondering what Gros Morne means.  Permit me to elucidate:  Don’t bother with Wikipedia because they’ll define it as something flowery like (cue music) “Great mountain that stands alone.”  However, if you’re crafty like me, you’ll go straight to the Google translator thing and find that Gros Morne actually means “large dull.”  Yeah, I can see why Wikipedia would wanna tweak that…

We arrived at the Gros Morne KOA around mid-afternoon, chucked the trailer, and set out to explore.  Our Trip Research Technician (Bob) had determined that Gros Morne was a lovely area with lots to see and do.  As is sometimes the case, he was right.  Our first stop, which you’ve already seen but pretend you haven’t, was the Lobster Head Cove Lighthouse (Oh lord…not another lighthouse! Shush!). Happily, there were no lobster heads lying around and the scenery was spectacular:



Lobster Head Cove Lighthouse 1R


(That’s Bob’s other wife in that one shot.  The one sitting on the rocks, not the one with the wings.)  (The shot with the obscenely blue sky was just me playing with my new polarizer.  🙂 )

We were pretty beat after a long driving day so we headed back for an early dinner and a rest-up for the next day’s adventuring.



  1. With all the lighthouses….I assume there are a lot of ships bumping into the island?

  2. DouglasMB says:

    great photos as always 🙂 I am enjoying going on this trip with you

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